How to enable mod_rewrite in apache2

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In Previous tutorials we looked how to mod_rewrite in windows xammp today we are gonna learn how to enable mod_rewrite in apache2. Here is some command which we have to follow.

To check whether mod_rewrite is enabled:

Look in mods_enabled for a link to the module by running

ls /etc/apache2/mods-enabled | grep rewrite

If this outputs rewrite.load then the module is enabled. (Note: your path to apache2 may not be /etc/, though it's likely to be.)

To enable mod_rewrite if it's not already:

To Enable the module we have to execute below commands

a2enmod rewrite

Now restart apache2 server

service apache2 restart

After restart check phpinfo file in browser. you will get mod_rewrite module enable in apache2

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how to enable mod_rewrite in xammp windows

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When we start learning codeigniter remove index.php form url is biggest challenge for us. There is so many tutorials to remove index.php from url even i also written tutorials for remove index.php from url but there is so less tutorials which tell main steps of enable mod_rewrite in xammp. so let's start with this

There is some steps which we have to follow to check mod_rewrite is enable or not in our xammp. lets start with those steps

  1. Check mod_rewrite is enable or not: To check mod_rewrite is enable or not in xammp we have to write some php code for that purpose.
    * to check which module is enable on server
    echo phpinfo();

    check in Loaded Modules or search for mod_rewrite in output. if you don't find mod_rewrite in loaded module in we have to enable that module.
  2. How to enable module: To activate the module, the following line in httpd.conf needs to be active:
    LoadModule rewrite_module modules/

    enable mod_rewrite in xammp

    Remove hash form the that line and save that file after that restart your apache server and reload that page in browser. you will module is loaded in our xammp server.

You can watch video for how to enable mod_rewrite in xammp windows

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Xammp port 443 already use issue

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Hello guy's today i am going to show u how to solve already port issue in xammp. Some times when you start xammp you will get this kind of error which is shown in below image

xammp already used 443 port issue

Now how to solve this kind of issue so here is the solution follow this steps :D 

Here is the solution step-by-step: 
  1. Open up httpd-ssl.conf.  
  2. Look for the line Listen 443  
  3. Change port number to anything you want. I use 4430. ex. Listen 4430.  
  4. Replace every 443 string in that file with 4430.  
  5. Save the file.
After saving file click on start again of apache now it will be work

Xammp port 443 already use issue solve

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